Death End Re-quest 2

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In collaboration with the scenario writer of the Corpse Party series, Makoto Kedouin, and the character designer of the original Death end re;Quest, Kei Nanameda, Death end re;Quest 2 is a sequel that asks the question: What happens when reality is consumed by darkness? The Nintendo Switch version includes all free and paid DLC. The Glitch costumes will be the same as the PS4 release. Now, fans of the Death end re;Quest series can play the sequel on the go As Mai Toyama escapes from her bleak past, she finds solace in reuniting with her long-lost sister, Sanae, who was last seen in a sleepy, mountainous town called Le Choara. In Le Choara, Mai enrolls at the Wordsworth all-girl's dormitory to find her kin. She soon realizes that the quiet town is inhabited by terrifying creatures known as Shadow Matter that lurk in the night. Around every cobblestone corner, Mai's search may unearth the long buried secrets haunting Le Choara.

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