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Fairy tail’s enchanting storyline includes the fan-favorite tenrou island Arc, the Grand magic games Arc, and the tartaros Arc; as well as other episodes from the original canon based on Hiro mashima’s best-selling manga and anime series of the same name. The game’s plot focuses on the time period about half way through the anime and revolves around the fairy tail Guild’s near demise after the mysterious absence of natsu’s party. The Guild’s Prestige has plummeted in the years since they've been gone and is drowning in debt. Thankfully, natsu and his crew of Mages are back and ready to return fairy tail to its glory days by joining the Grand magic games and competing for top Guild. Action includes natsu’s party facing Hades in an action-packed showdown, erza clashing Swords with KAGURA of mermaid Heel, and breathtaking battles against the dark Guild tartaros. In fairy tail, players can build a five-character dream team from a roster of over 15 playable characters as they adventure across the kingdom of Fiore in their quest to raise fairy tail to the top Guild in the region. New characters announced today include the fan-favorite user of “heavenly body magic,” jellal Fernandes from crime sorcière; the “drawing card” of fairy tail, mirajane Strauss; and the “thunder dragon slayer” and grandchild of Makarov, laxus dreyar.

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