Gundam Breaker 4 [Launch Edition]

Release Date: August 29 2024
Sale price$79.99


Create your own ultimate Gundam in the newest Gundam Breaker game!

In Gundam Breaker 4 you will create and customize your own powerful Gunpla and put it to the test in thrilling combat missions.


Use two different weapons at once in Gundam Breaker 4 and break off parts of your enemies to add them to your collection. It's your loot - you get to keep it and use it!


Choose from over 250 base kits and combine their parts to build your perfect Gunpla. Customize it with paint, weathering, and decals to make it uniquely your own and display it in the new Diorama Mode. With multiple backgrounds and special effects to choose from, you can create epic, dynamic scenes to share online!


Take your custom Gunpla on a variety of intense combat missions and put it to the test as you battle tough opponents in online or single player modes. Fight with your friends, equip new skills to gain an edge, and destroy your enemies!

Enter the new era of the Gundam Breaker series and prepare to BREAK, BUILD, & BATTLE!

Launch Edition includes:

Gundam Breaker 4 base game

Reversible Cover featuring NA & Japanese versions of the box art

11x17" Exclusive Gunpla Poster

Early Unlocks of Recirculation Color RX-78-2 Gundam & Builder’s Parts

Additionally, in the long description we can add these two points:

Reversible Cover Art – For the Western market, the game cover features custom Gunpla made with parts from fan-favorite mobile suits, such as Gundam Wing, G Gundam, and Witch from Mercury. The Japanese version of the game cover features Gundam Aerial and SD Knight Gundam engaged in combat with the iconic series enemy, the towering 1/60 Perfect Grade RX-78-2.

Exclusive Gunpla Poster – The 11”x17” poster will feature an up-close image of the signature mobile suit of GUNDAM BREAKER 4, the Gunbarrel Strike (Gundam Breaker ver.). Echoing the box art and Steelbook case of the Collector’s Edition, the mobile suit is based on designs from Mu La Flaga’s Moebius Zero, in a heroic pose in the midst of a battle in space.

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