Lords of the Fallen [Limited Edition] (used)

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The world trembles in fear as the Demonic Rhogar Legions re-emerge from their dark realm. Harkyn, a convicted criminal rejected by society, must face the Fallen Lords - in a quest to save humanity.

Plunge into a fast paced action RPG with a complex and satisfying melee combat system - where weapons, armor and skills directly affect speed and attacks. Lay waste to enemies using forbidden magic when weapons are not enough.


- Embark on an Epic Quest that spans both human and demonic realms

- Confront the mighty Lords, generals of the Rhogar army

- Explore a vast dark fantasy world

- Make your choices wisely as they may seal your fate

- Wield legendary weapons and armors from a vast arsenal

- Choose your class: Warrior, Cleric or Rogue and fully customize each with skills and weapons

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