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From the creators of Tower of Guns, MOTHERGUNSHIP mixes bullet-hell intensity with the FPS genre, and promises you one of the largest gun customization options seen in video games. It's up to you to equip your over-the-top arsenal and defeat a robotic alien armada that has conquered Earth. Craft gun monstrosities that no reasonable person could ever lift, play together with your friends, fight gigantic bosses and experience randomized mayhem as you battle your way to the heart of the fleet to destroy the MOTHERGUNSHIP!


- Create the gun of your dreams with One of the most modular gun-crafting systems ever seen in a videogame.

- Dodge hundreds of Bullets with unique FPS/bullet-hell Hybrid gameplay.

- Battle and survive against hordes of alien machines, deadly traps, and intimidating bosses.

- Randomly generated rooms and NPCs means you'll face a new challenge with every round.

- Fight online alongside your friends or the community in a Full co-op experience.

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