New Super Lucky's Tale

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New Super Lucky's Tale is a vibrant 3D adventure platformer that follows Lucky, a brave young fox who embarks on a journey into the unknown and becomes a hero. A lovable fox with the bravery of a knight and the adventuring experience of a petunia. A gang of scheming, comically mischievous cats known as the Kitty Litter. A mysterious book with the power to rewrite history, and home to entire worlds and helpless, charming creatures living inside. The only thing stopping the book from falling into the wrong hands? Our fox and hero, Lucky. Lucky needs your help. Together, you're the only thing standing between the Kitty Litter and the destruction of the world. You'll climb incredible heights, burrow deep underground, and jump your way to victory in an adventure that honors classic action platformers, with best-in-class mechanics for hours of challenging gameplay. Product Features: • Over 16 hours of adventure platform gameplay! • 6 Chapters; 45+ levels; 40+ challenges • Features entirely new art/environment sets, new puzzles and challenges, new creatures and gimmicks, new layouts, quests and new secrets. • Signature Nintendo Switch features include burrow, HD rumble, free-roaming camera, ultra-responsive controls and accessibility!

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