Poison Control (used)

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From the creative minds that brought you penny-punching Princess and the Princess guide comes a darkly humorous tale of redemption! When a mysterious phenomena causes spirits to become trapped within poisonous manifestations of their own personal Despair, only the haughty poisonette and her amnesaic vessel can purify them. As they venture through the various belles’ hells they will encounter fallen Souls longing for escape, other poisonettes with their own agendas, and twisted creatures born from the poison mires who threaten to stop them! What dark truths will they uncover about the venomous world around them… as well as each other? This shooter-meets-action title combines high-octane gameplay and a grim-yet-charming art style into one unforgettable adventure. Use poisonette’s powers to purify poison mires while blasting away enemies as her gunslinging vessel. You can also customize your gameplay experience by choosing between a male or female vessel, unlocking weapons and enhancements with each world you purify, and increasing certain stats of poisonette through choice-based dialogue.

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