Shadowverse: Champion's Battle

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Late to your first class as the newest transfer student at tense I academy, you run into Hiro ryugasaki, self-professed Super fan of the popular card battle game shadowverse. He introduces you to his friends and they eagerly show you how to play the game. But when you decide to join the school's shadowverse Club, it turns out that it is in danger of disbanding due to lack of members, and the student council President proclaims that the only way to save it is to increase Club membership and become Champions of the National shadowverse tournament. Not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet, you and Hiro decide to team up with Rei, the president (and one and only member) of the shadowverse Club, and restore the club to its former glory. Explore all the unique locations in and around your new school, where events and encounters await where you least expect them! Team up with your friends to help your classmates, enter in various tournaments, and aim to become national Champion, all while working to save the shadowverse Club.

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