Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

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One day, a special letter arrives from someone who introduces himself as the mayor of a certain little town. The letter is an invitation to visit the farm that your grandfather once owned, a place where you spent idyllic summers as a child. You Pack up your things and head for the train Station, buying the first ticket to mineral town! Once there, the kindly mayor Thomas asks you to take over your grandfather’s farm, which has fallen into disrepair after his passing. The childhood memories of your visits to this place come rushing back, and you immediately pick up your tools and set to work to restore the fields to their former glory. Here in your new home, you’ll learn how to tend the land, become a part of a bustling rural community, and maybe even find romance. The work won’t be easy, but with each passing day you’ll grow and improve on a journey to become a world-class farmer.

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